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Trust me!This tea just likes sweet and I used to be so happy and excited for another morning, going to sit down check it out on the bus to college and drinking my LumiTea Skinny. They are so sweet and I want to think that my mother would have put glucose in it, to help me to easier drink it, but as I came home and asked my mom she began to laugh and said “No, hahahaha, I’ve never realized you had prepared your tea this morning” So that it was clear! This detox-tea also enhances your mental clarity. .This tea also blocks your fat absorption.

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Simple to make and always good to have readily available, this tea can help on many levels. The detox-tea BOOST may also improve endurance. I prepared this each morning after waking up before I went to school or just after i went outdoors for other plans, but each morning. The detox-tea that is named SKINNY reduces your hunger for a weight reduction and gives you long-lasting energy.

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I really was happy to discover the Lumi Tea Company’s amazing, all-natural teas mixed and all set. I’ve added one teaspoon of the Slim tea and loaded warm water over. My you are colored in a light red and looks really nice, but there’s also other colors if you do not like pink – hahahaha WHO?? The teas are vegan and free from gluten! I decided to start my detox-tea program with the Thin tea.

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Also high in Supplement A, B1, B2, proteins, calcium mineral, phosphorous, iron, and magnesium.  Now I’ll tell you all general information about the different detox-teas, because some people may not have read my Instagram post. ( My Instagram account is blogstyles_nl and Lumiteas is mylumitea ) The detox-tea that is called BOOST will there be for helping/boosting your disease fighting capability and for giving you long-lasting energy and check over here it also works with digestion, reduces fatigue and gives you mental clarity. An ideal point of the tea is that this tea detoxifies the liver. Often I like to get two or three different types and combine them together for increased benefits. It does increase metabolism and blocks your excess fat absorption. The detox-tea that is named RISE is accountable for giving you resilient energy and for improving your blood flow. .This tea also blocks your fat absorption.

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